Operational partner

At GSA, we are proud to be part of the educational journey and to make a positive impact on students’ lives by combining quality student housing with Yugo’s operating expertise.

Yugo is the first global student housing operator in the sector designed to create a new platform for college and university living that will address student demands for sustainable, educational and personal growth to enhance the higher education journey. Yugo offers a truly differentiated living experience that is environmentally and socially conscious, emotionally supportive and safe.

Yugo is for students and will be powered by students. Its student-led approach is designed to enhance the overall experience throughout and beyond college life and empower more students across the globe to live their best lives with purpose and impact.

 Working with Yugo 

GSA and Yugo working together delivers a truly unique student experience through connected living spaces across three core elements:

  • Brand power
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Technology

Yugo is a global offering providing sustainable living spaces, data-driven intelligence, digital connectivity, and access to economies of scale from its global operations, suppliers and teams.

 Yugo – uniting expertise under a new platform

Yugo was created in July 2021 by GSA’s founder, Nicholas Porter, a pioneer in the student housing sector for more than 30 years. It is the first global student operator of its kind and merges three successful international operational brands – The Student Housing Company, Nexo Residencias and Uninest Student Residences – with the US operations of UComm, previously all operating under GSA Group.

Yugo, alongside GSA, forms part of a broader family of investments within Capital Values Group specialising in the higher education space. Yugo operates all GSA properties globally across four continents from Seattle to Melbourne and will be launched to our student customers for the next academic year in November 2021. To find out more, visit Yugo.com.



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