United States

In December 2020, GSA, the international leader and pioneer in purpose built student accommodation (PBSA), acquired a US PBSA portfolio and a US-based property management company (UCOMM, b/d/a GSA USA). This transaction accelerates GSA’s growth ambitions by adding twenty-seven US based properties with close to 8,000 beds in 18 states from coast to coast across the country.

With over thirty years of experience GSA have driven a strategy in acquiring and developing branded student housing on a global scale. This is to meet the ever-increasing demand for Higher Education, which will continue to see unprecedented domestic and international growth over the coming decade.

GSA has pioneered the entry into multiple global higher educational markets and specializes in all aspects of the sector, including managing and operating student housing that offers a first-class student experience and promotes community wellbeing. Through its acquisition of UComm, GSA will manage and operate all properties across the portfolio, integrating the existing highly capable US based leadership and management team.

All properties in the portfolio are situated in prime locations next to major universities and research institutions.

Underpinned by growing demand in higher education, student housing delivers robust returns and is one of the most mature, reliable and resilient real estate assets in the US. The student population in the US alone is 19.8 million and is expected to grow by half a million over the next five years, making it the largest and one of the fastest growing student housing markets in the world. Of the top 175 institutions in the US, more than 75% of students live off campus in private student accommodation.


Portfolio of close to 8,000 beds across 18 states




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