European universities dominate QS World Rankings


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11 June 2018

Providing globally visible, high-quality education is paramount for universities to compete in an increasingly internationalised and competitive market. Published in May 2018, the latest QS World Rankings highlight how European cities are leading the way in terms of university quality, with the UK, Germany and France dominating the rankings.

On a global scale, higher education is a significant contributor to economic output in developed countries. In the UK, the sector contributes £95bn to the economy, with international students contributing some £25bn of this total despite the UK having the highest tuition costs in Europe (Universities UK / Oxford Economics 2017).

Second only to the USA, international students aspire to study in the UK as their global destination of choice, attracted by the combination of its outstanding reputation for world-class teaching and cutting-edge research, mixed with the enduring quality of the student experience available in UK cities. This is further reflected in the QS World Rankings, whereby ten UK universities are ranked in the top 100, which is again, only surpassed by the USA. The UK therefore remains an attractive market for inward investment with these factors helping to drive student demand and maximise revenue and capital returns.


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