Uninest Dubailand Development

Our Uninest Dubailand property, the first of its kind in Dubai, opened at the start of 2016 close to the Dubai Academic City. For a new market, where PBSA is a totally new concept, we are pleased with our progress on this 424-bed residence and expect  occupancy to continue to improve over the next academic year.

The property includes a wide variety of room types to suit all customer preferences and budgets:

  • Studios
  • Single en-suite rooms
  • Twin en-suite rooms

The property provides a wide range of facilities including:

  • Study rooms
  • Lounge areas
  • iMac stations
  • Swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Shuttle bus transport to DIAC and DKV
  • Underground parking

As the first ever purpose built student property in the market, the business spent a lot of time showcasing the property features to universities and local/government institutions who are very impressed with the quality and uniqueness of our product.


Higher Education in Dubai

Dubai is one of the fastest growing higher education destinations in the Middle East, due to its appeal as a great place to live and the increasing attractive education options available.  As of the 2014/15 academic year, there are over 59,000 students enrolled in the city.  The UAE has the largest number of branch campuses globally with over 30 campuses

Universities in Dubai are concentrated in two major education clusters – Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) and Dubai Knowledge Village. Dubai’s average enrolment growth rate of 9% significantly exceeds the global average rate of 5.3%.



  • Uninest Dubailand
    Uninest Dubailand
  • Studio En-suite Room
    Studio En-suite Room
  • Twin En-suite Room
    Twin En-suite Room
  • Shared Kitchen
    Shared Kitchen
  • Common Area
    Common Area
  • iMac Station
    iMac Station
  • Gaming Room
    Gaming Room
  • Gym
  • Study Hub
    Study Hub

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