Our Vision

Student accommodation is our business. We created student accommodation, and then we transformed it into the global sector it is today.

But we know that there is still more to do.

Inspired by the business model of the global hotel industry giants, we want to expand and improve the scale, reach, and quality of student accommodation around the world.

Our vision is to be the global leader in student accommodation.

Our Strategy

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Our Values

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Global Brand - Yugo

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Our Story

GSA is not simply in the student accommodation sector, we created it.

Our reasons for so doing remain true today. What we learn as students and take away with us for the rest of our lives is much more than the course we are studying.

It is an inter-meshed set of experiences, of which accommodation is an integral part. Probably our first home away from home, how we experience and react to that accommodation will be the cornerstone of the story of our student life. Therefore that accommodation needs to genuinely provide. It needs to be so much more than a checklist of requirements to be ticked off. Every aspect needs to be seriously considered, researched and implemented.

That we are the oldest player in the sector proves our commitment to the long term; to achieve that requires a quality product that exceeds expectation and is valued by students and parents and is referred on.

The combination of technology advances and low-cost airlines has led to a world that is ever shrinking, more joined up and more accessible.

Now students have the desire and ability to travel much further afield to study, often taking them thousands of miles away from everything that is familiar and comfortable. This further increases the importance of where and how they will be living.

GSA operates in all the major university learning areas in the world. We respect that while all students share some common needs, different markets and cultures lead to differing requirements too.

We use local teams who have the knowledge to identify and fulfil these specifics.

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Our Network

In 1991, our management team started with just over 100 beds in the UK. Now, we operate in 9 countries, 55 cities and across two regions, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and APAC (Asia Pacific).

With a vision to be global leader in student accommodation, we want to expand and improve the scale, reach and quality of student accommodation across the world. We aim to make a real difference to students’ lives by using our expertise, track record and knowledge to deliver the best culturally-led student living experience.

Network Meia Asia Pacific USA

Our History

In the past 25 years, the world has grown smaller and better connected than we could ever have imagined.

But we know that some things never change. Like the need for students to live in safe and vibrant communities. Or that quality accommodation helps students get the most out of university.

We have grown because we have listened and responded to the needs of university students across the world.

In 1991, we started with just over 100 beds in the UK. Now, we operate in 8 countries across the world. With each step of our growth, we’ve made sure we continue to deliver the quality of service that our students have come to expect.

  • GSA enters the world’s largest PBSA market, acquiring first portfolio in the USA and property manager UComm.
  • GSA recapitalizes Nexo Residencias JV with HSRE
    GSA Coral acquires larger stake in Irish JV from HSRE
    GSA Coral partners with CSP and doubles the Funds AUM in less than 1 year
  • GSA introduces market leading student wellbeing program
  • £300 million construction programme embarked across the UK
    GSA Star Asia launched - for Japanese student accommodation
    GSA acquires its first portfolio in Spain – 2,234 beds, from Oaktree Capital Management
  • GSA Investment Management & Coral Portfolio forms GSA Coral
    GSA & GIC acquires The Student Housing Company brand, a portfolio of 7,150 UK student beds from Oaktree
    Partnership announced with GIC for a push into German student accommodation market. 
    First property under management in China announced
  • Uninest established 'Uninest Dubailand' in UAE
    Beijing & Frankfurt office setup
  • Nick Porter sells stake in Urbanest to M3 Capital Partners' Evergreen Fund
    GSA global presence in Dublin & Tokyo
  • First Eurozone city targeted, GSA enter Dublin
    Hong Kong office for Asia expansion established
  • Middle East strategy implemented
  • Nick Porter steps down as Non-Exec Deputy Chairman of UNITE
    Urbanest London founded
  • Global focus on expansion through GSA Group
  • 36,700 beds
  • Formation of UNITE UK Student Accommodation Fund (USAF), Europe's largest unlisted specialised student housing investment vehicle
  • 100 total properties; 28 cities managed; 26,310 beds in UK
  • Active in 30 locations across 14,109 beds
  • Total 10,450 beds
    UNITE full stock exchange listing
  • Total 4,640 beds
    First properties open in London
  • Introduction of specialised property - 1,224 beds
  • First UNITE property opens in Bristol, UK - 760 beds
  • 104 beds – Nick Porter founds UNITE

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